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Each construction project is unique. Each facility has needs specific to the success of its business operations. At Tudela International we quickly assess those needs and provide construction services, and only those services, that will enable your business to function effectively and grow.

Project Experience

Kyocera Mexico Connecting Building

Location: Baja California, Mexico
Architect: Modulo 7/Tudela Internacional
Square Footage: 27,000 sq ft.
Project Completion: October 2008
Contract Amount: $3 Million
Benchmarks: Two-Story Integrated Solar Panel System

The Connecting building between the old & new manufacturing buildings works both as a bridge and main entrance. The first floor houses the main locker & restroom areas, human resources offices, security control, and training areas. The second floor houses the main cafeteria and meeting rooms for employees. The two floors are connected by a passenger elevator and a grand staircase. The entrance design consists of a semicircular structure that displays solar panels on the roof so that they can be seen from the street and parking lot.

The two-story 27,000 sq.ft. Connecting building has dense glass exterior walls with a stucco finish, while the facade consists of a storefront window system. The steel structure is composed of conventional steel and the 4” second floor slab consists of a composite metal deck and concrete.

Role of Services: General Contractor, Design/Build Construction