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Each construction project is unique. Each facility has needs specific to the success of its business operations. At Tudela International we quickly assess those needs and provide construction services, and only those services, that will enable your business to function effectively and grow.

Project Experience

Medtronic Pre-Fab Clean Room

Location: Tijuana, Mexico
Architect: Tudela Internacional
Square Footage: 21,000 sq ft.
Project Completion: September 2006
Contract Amount: $2.3 Million
Benchmarks: Pre-fab Panels, Class 100,000, 4-month Construction Schedule

Construction of a 21,000 sq ft. Class 10,000 pre-manufactured panelized clean-room system. Work consisted of the coordination of pre-fabricated clean-room manufactory, the installation of Nitrogen, Compressed air systems, and installation of all finish materials and accessories. Scope also included the remodel of the two-story administration area, break-room, restrooms, adjacent corridor and structural reinforcing of the existing building.

Role of Services: General Contractor