Project List

Each construction project is unique. Each facility has needs specific to the success of its business operations. At Tudela International we quickly assess those needs and provide construction services, and only those services, that will enable your business to function effectively and grow.

Project Experience

Kyocera Roof

Location: Tijuana BC Mexico
Architect: Tudela International
Square Footage: 110,000 sq ft.
Project Completion: August 2006
Contract Amount: $650,000
Benchmarks: Structure Reinforce Existing Roof, No Down Time, On Going Operation

General Contractor for 110,000 square foot re-roofing project and structural re-enforcing. This project was split into in two phases. The first phase involved the structural reinforcement of the existing roof structure. This work was done during the normal daily operation of the plant. The second phase was the placement of a new metal standing seamed roof over the existing metal panels. In addition, all central and perimeter gutters were replaced and existing services on the roof were relocated and reconnected.

Role of Services: General Construction