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Each construction project is unique. Each facility has needs specific to the success of its business operations. At Tudela International we quickly assess those needs and provide construction services, and only those services, that will enable your business to function effectively and grow.

Project Experience

Medtronic Building One

Location: Tijuana, Mexico
Architect: Tudela Internacional

As a leader in the field of medical manufacturing, Medtronic has continually relied on Tudela International for their intimate knowledge of construction services, including the initial Mexico facility site selection, labor market studies and relocation budgets. For the past 12 years Tudela has helped guide Medtronic with all their Mexico facility expansions, providing more than 165,000 square feet of office space, manufacturing, clean-rooms, gowning areas, laboratories, shipping, and general administration facility needs.

As a General Contractor, Tudela participated in the design-build construction and remodel of Medtronic’s 15,800 square feet administration building. The contract also included services for the complete reinforcement of the existing structure and the remodel of the shell manufacturing building. Tenant improvement work included the construction of more than 46,500 square feet of clean-room and gowning areas and an additional 58,817 square feet of various use areas such as laboratories, offices, cafeteria, reception and support areas.

Role of Services: General Contractor, Design/Build Construction